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The working principle of air compressor
1, the process of breathing:

Screw type air inlet side suction mouth, must be designed so that compression chamber can be fully aspirated, and the screw compressor has the inlet and exhaust valves, intake of only one control valve open, shut down regulation, when the rotor rotates, the Lord deputy of rotor tooth groove space in to the inlet end wall openings, the largest space at this time, the rotor tooth groove space with an air inlet communicated with the air of freedom, in the exhaust air is discharged from the tooth groove at the end of all, exhaust, the tooth groove is in the vacuum state, when transferred to the air inlet, the outside air is inhaled, axially into the main side of rotor tooth groove. When the air filled with the tooth groove, rotor inlet side end face off of the case inlet, in the air between the tooth groove is closed, above the intake process, [ ].

2, sealing and conveying process:

Two main and auxiliary rotor in aspirated at the end, the main rotor tooth summit and the casing sealing, the air in the sealed tooth groove longer outflow, i.e. process [ closed ]. The two rotor continues to rotate, the peak and the tooth groove in the inspiratory to end anastomosis, anastomotic surface gradually to the exhaust end to move, this is [ Transport ].

3, compression and injection process:

During transport, the meshing surface gradually to the exhaust end mobile, i.e. mating surface with the exhaust port between the tooth groove gradually reduced between tooth groove, the gas being compressed, pressure increasing, the compression process is [ ]. While the compression and lubricating oil due to the action of pressure difference and injected into the compression chamber and the chamber gas mixture.

In 4, the exhaust process:

When the meshing rotors and casing end to exhaust the similarities, ( when compressed gas pressure is highest ) is compressed gas discharged until the start, peak and the tooth groove engaging surfaces to exhaust end, the two rotor meshing surface and the casing outlet the tooth groove space is zero, i.e. complete ( exhaust process ), in this at the same time rotor meshing surface and an air inlet between the tooth groove length and reach the maximum, the process of breathing in.