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Air compressor oil performance : what are the requirements
1base oil quality to be high

Compressor oil base oil can be divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil type two categories. Mineral oil compressor oil production by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing, hydrogenation or clay finishing process to get base oil, adding various additives are mixed into.

Compressor oil base oil refined oil generally accounted for more than 95%, so the quality of base oil is directly related to the compressor oil oil product quality level, and the quality of base oil and refining depth have direct relation. Refining the depth of deep base oil, heavy aromatics, colloid content less. Residual carbon low antioxidant, feeling good, the base oil quality is high, it is in the compressor system in coking tendency of small, oily water separation is good, service life is long.

Synthetic oil base oil by chemical synthesis method of organic liquid base oil after deployment or by adding a variety of additive of lubricating oil. The base oil is mostly polymers or polymeric organic compounds. Synthetic oil has many types, used as a compressor oil synthetic oil are mainly synthetic hydrocarbon ( PAOs ), organic ester ( ester ), a polyalkylene glycol, fluorine silicone oil and phosphate5. Synthetic oil compressor oil price than mineral oil compressor oil much more expensive, but synthetic oil and the comprehensive economic benefit is more than ordinary mineral oil. It has the oxidation stability, coking tendency of small, can be more than ordinary mineral oil temperature range for lubrication, long service life, can satisfy the general mineral oil compressor oil can not bear the use requirements.

2base oil distillate to narrow

Research on condition that: improve the compressor oil base oil composition is to improve the compressor oil quality key factors. By the light, heavy two component mixing compression oil into the compressor cylinder, wherein the light component from volatile too strong and leave early work site lubricating effect, which would take due to poor volatility, complete the task can not be quickly leaves the work site, long held in the heat and oxygen under the action of easy deposit formation. Therefore, under such conditions, the lubricant should choose narrow fractions of component oil, should not choose a variety of mixed component oil distillate.

19compressor oil is used to contain a large number of residue fractions of wide distillate and, in use, a larger amount of compressor carbon deposit. Therefore, to improve the compression engine oil quality should be the No. 19compressed oil residue fractions removed, selection of narrow fractions of base oil.

3 viscosity to be appropriate

In the dynamic condition of lubrication, oil film thickness increases with the viscosity of oil, but the friction with the oil viscosity increases. Low viscosity lubricating oil is not easy to form a sufficiently strong oil film, accelerated wear, shorten the service life of machine. Conversely, the oil viscosity is too high, will increase the friction, so that the compressor than power increases, so that increase the power consumption and fuel consumption, but also in the piston ring groove, the air valve, exhaust passage is formed by sediments. Therefore, selection of suitable viscosity is the correct selection of compressor oil problem. Xi'an Jiao Tong University by test shows that: in the same type of compressor by using the same test conditions, the use of low viscosity grades of oil than the use of high viscosity grades of oil up to the compressor can be reduced more than about 10% power, and the mechanical wear but no difference. Therefore, in ensure the lubrication under the premise, choosing suitable viscosity grades of oil, energy saving and reliable operation of the compressor has a very important influence.

4viscosity-temperature properties.

Fuel injection internal cooling rotary air compressor in the working process of the repeated heating and cooling. Thus, requirements of oil viscosity due to temperature changes and should not have too big change, should have good viscosity-temperature performance. Refined compressor oil viscosity index all is in 90 above.

5flash to be appropriate

Flash refers to oil at atmospheric pressure is heated to form a vapor pressure, achieve the fire ignited the critical concentration of temperature. High flash point, heavy oil fractions, viscosity is also big, asphalt content is high, easy to coke. If the one-sided pursuit of high flash point of the compressor oil, it would be unsafe factors. Therefore, compressor oil flash point suitable to requirements.

Flash point is use the safety index of the oil, compressor oil flash point in the general control of more than 200 DEG C are safe to use.

6coking tendency to small

Compressor oil resistance to carbon deposition tendency to compressor oil for reliable operation is crucial. In the actual industrial use, large and medium-sized compressor due to carbon deposition and fire explosion accidents have been it is often seen.

Oil in the form of residual carbon are the main substances, colloid and asphaltene of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in composite materials. Lubricating oil refined by depth can get rid of most of the above substances. Low viscosity and the depth of refined oil carbon residue value low, in use is not easy to deposit carbon. Therefore, high quality L-DAB compressor should choose the depth of refined oil does not contain residues (light oil ) narrow distillate base oil. Additive also should try to choose an ashless additives.